Quality Content

ImageWe’ve all heard that stupid buzz phrase “Content is King!” Yes it’s royalty, but aren’t we a democracy not a monarchy here? Sorry, I digress. Content is the biggest thing since sliced bread. Content is the icing on the cake, well no actually it IS the cake AND the frosting, with the accoutrements such as blogging, linking, social media, schema, and reviews playing supporting roles.

There is a great contributor on SEOMoz, Rand Rand Fishkin who just happens to be the CEO + Co-founder of SEOMoz. As many of you know, SEOMoz is our go-to source for all things pertaining to professional SEO advice and education. Rand presents Whiteboard Fridays, and in this particular one, he featured “How To Win A Content Arms Race”. He states, “Ever feel like you’re neck and neck with your competitors in the mad dash to produce exciting, unique content? The push for content generation has taken off across all industries lately, and it’s not surprising that content strategy feels like it’s turning into an arms race.”

Check out the February 1st, 2013 Whiteboard Friday video here, along with a transcript of the presentation.

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