PA Hutchison Book Manufacturer Website Redesign

PA Hutchison Book Manufacturer Website RedesignLaunched early in August 2011, the PA Hutchison Book Manufacturing company’ website is a combination of editable content, dynamic information and relevant information PA Hutchison’s customers were looking for. Before the website redesign, the website lacked important information about services offered by PA Hutchison, but now offers customers a way to learn about services and even submit online quotation requests.

Take a peak at the new PA Hutchison website and let us know what you think. If you have a website that could benefit from website redesign, give us a shout and we’ll work with you and your team to create a site that reflects your company’s personality and delivers what your customers need.

Facebook Customization Yes We Do!

Facebook Tab Customization by graphXevolutionWe’ve entered the realm of Facebook customization for Fan pages with GREAT success! We’ve just completed The Delaware Highlands Conservancy fan page, Karl Wanger for 2011 Commissioner fan page and The Steve Roesler Group’s fan page. Of course we have our own Welcome page (fan page) and would love to create an awesome looking way to interact with Facebook users to your brand. We say it over and over. Consistency is the building of a brand, why not get all of your marketing efforts in line?

Drop us a line to have a chat! PHONE: 610-625-2272 | EMAIL US

Here’s some additional information from HubSpot on ways to utilize Facebook Pages.

It’s been some time but…

We’ve been INSANELY busy. We’ve been servicing new clients and getting ready to take a much needed break in the beginning of July.

Check out the new line up of clients we’ve contracted to complete web development for and stay tuned for more information about each. All of the images below are representations of what the final site will look like:

The Forever Moments

A school fundraising site that will feature really cool and different products for school’s to offer parents. Gone will be the days of $60 popcorn.

Conceptual design to be used in The Forever Moments website

American Storyteller

A website that will feature the speaking services of Nelson Lauver, as well as the ability to listen to and purchase stories that are very popular in the ESL community.

Conceptual Design used for The American Storyteller website

Business Association of Lackawaxen Township

This little gem in the northeastern part of PA features activities and events for nature minded people that love things from Eagles to Fishing and Hiking. This site is just about ready to launch.

Business Organization of Lackawaxen Township Design

Acker Drill Company

Featuring the world class products of Acker Drill Company, the website will serve as a portal for customers and potential customers to be educated on these products.

Acker Drill Company Website Design

Flemington Falcons

A New Jersey, Pop Warner football team selected us to create a custom web platform to be used by parents, administrators, players and fans to keep up-to-date on everything Falcons related.

Flemington Falcons Website Design Layout

Phantom Farms

We’re planning a road trip to this place. My mouth starting watering the second I looked at their bakery and candy selection. This website will be a place for visitors to not only review what the farm has to offer, but also a listing of their lastest events.

Phantom Farms Website Design

These are just a few of the latest projects we’ve been commissioned to complete. More are in the works as graphXevolution continues to grow and serve the business community with AWESOME web development and supreme customer service.

Just Announced! graphXevolution ReDoing Hawley Winterfest Website!

graphXevolution, the people responsible for the Downtown Hawley Partnership website will be redoing their sister website Hawley Winterfest. graphXevolution was responsible for the interim website but will be recreating a new look, with tons more functionality including a visitor itinerary module and photo and video gallery.

We are very excited to be working with the organization and know that the new website will propel the event to a new level.

Check out the Downtown Hawley Partnership website here: If you’re interested in having us visit your site, and seeing how we can propel your web presence to the next level, drop us an email or call 570.647.8301.