New Website Part Two

It’s been well over a month since my last post. Things have been going crazy (thankfully). Our custom website is well underway in Programming and I’m keeping a close eye on the newest marketing ideas out there. From putting an up-to-minute Twitter interface on the home page, to having a kick ass web and graphic design porfolio carousel on the home page. This site, in my opinion, is going to kick some major butt.

We are finally at a place in our work that I feel like we are just as good, and in some instances, better than our competition. I am proud of our custom web development and graphic design and will display it in online website galleries, web design contests, and push it through every social media avenue I can find.

Writing the content isn’t proving to be difficult, since we are going to interject our personality and love of our work into each line. We’ve received so many calls from clients who have 1) been scr$%^# by other developer and 2) those not knowing where to turn. Each time we hear how refreshing it is to hear someone who isn’t a pushy-know-it-all-need-to-meet-a-quota salesperson on the other end of the call. We want each person who either reads our site, blog, twitter, facebook, or is engaged with us on the phone or in person, to know that we are real people and will treat our clients as such.

I posted something on Twitter today about how we’d like to thank the bad management of clients by our competitors, and welcomed the new clients into the graphXevolution family. Family…

fam·i·ly Pronunciation: \ˈfam-lē, ˈfa-mə-\
3. a group of people united by certain convictions
Taking the definition loosely from Merriam-Webster; we as small business owners really are united by certain convictions. Provide a quality product, at a fair price…and not take anything for granted, especially our client base.
I digress…we are working on content, Programming is getting the skeleton of the site ready for text and imagery, and Marketing is looking forward to unveiling our newest website with the world.