It’s Alive! It’s Alive: Our New Site Is Alive!

Over the last 3 months we have been toiling during all of our free time to redo our website. Check it out…

20th Century Fox Movie Poster

What better customer than ourselves to give 110% when designing a great marketing tool and consumer educational tool?

We pulled out all the stops with customization, adding social media tools, updating our portfolio to be easier to read, and most importantly provided information on topics such as our first e-Book titled “Us vs. Them”, an fun look at why we stand out among our competitors and what a consumer should look for.

We’ve created several case studies on lean manufacturing applications we’ve completed. Also created, and one of the most helpful things we’ve created for customers is a Web Design Process list. We wanted to allow customers to see what really goes into a website, hoping to educate them. It’s not a novel but an overview explanation of the steps we take in developing a website.

Stay tuned for lots of exciting things to come, like continuing consumer education and new projects. We hope you subscribe to our blog ~ Thanks! Darlene

Ready, Set, Redesign!!!

ist2_2288508-yuck-boombuAUGH!! Is that what you think when you look at your site? It may not be as bad as all that, it may just be you’re bored with looking at the same old site. We specialize in web redesign and will give you an honest opinion, constructive criticism and will never make you feel dumb. We know that at some point your site may have had to be created by your cousin’s, nephew’s, girlfriend and it served the purpose it originally was intended for. Now, you know that you need to be as cutting edge as your competitors, and that you want to add some doo-hickies here, and a doo-dad there, but not sure what they are called.

Let us help you. We’ll talk to you in a down-to-earth manner, explain what features may enhance your site, provide you with a realistic timeline and cost and let you do what you do best…manage your business.

Blogs vs. Forums OR?

Recently we have been presented with alot of requests for a way to allow visitor interactivity on a website project. The first thing that would come to one’s mind would be a blog OR a forum. Both very good options but one is a little light on true interactivity and the other is so robust you need to have alot of spare time on your hand to get it going, monitor the different categories and such.

We’ve been working on developing a VERY special project that will be announced in the coming months, but the way we are going to incorporate interactivity is through a social network. One we set up, not use through Facebook or MySpace. The community will be set up through It’s a free service and although (like anything else) there are some not so great communities out there, there are some outstanding ones we are looking to for inspiration. Two that come to mind are and . They both are nicely designed using this open source (free) platform.

Give us a call if you’d like to learn more about setting up your own Social Networking Site.