A new SEO & Site Design Project – US!

Web Design Development CompanyWebsite usability reports say a website design with the color #444444 (a grey) valued text, and light background is optimal. This is primarily for readability.

Our current black background and white text site may not encourage people to read through the information provided for education when making a web development team selection. Enter my favorite thing in the world, redesign our site.

That’s not sarcasm, I really do love a new site challenge and what better way than use our site as an example in usability, functionality, and inspiration.

Part One – Sunday, November 1, 2009

Along with a hot pot of coffee and iPod blaring, I have begun the website redesign process. It didn’t begin by opening Photoshop and checking out my normal website inspiration sites, but by learning what SEO keyword phrases I should target.

capt-crunch1. I researched and chose keyword phrases we’ll target (Coffee #1);
2. Next I perused the top sites that ranked for these phrases (Bowl of Capt’n Crunch) 🙂 ;
3. Finally for today, I took a look at the functionality behind these sites and determined what I liked vs. what could be done better, which of course we’ll try to improve upon.

Stay tuned….I’ll document the steps we take for the benefit of our prospective clients, and those looking to redesign their own website.