Why Don’t I (or when will I) Rank #1?

SEO Consulting ServicesIt’s not magic. Time is the best answer for this question. That is if your site has been optimized properly from the beginning. Three major areas of advanced optimization include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Optimization (including data only the search engine robots see)
  • Links that come into and take visitors away from your site (inbound and outbound links)

Keyword research is a time consuming process where a maximum of 1-3 keyphrases are selected for a page’s focus. This process often requires drilling down from hundreds of potential phrases to determine the best suited for your website. Once this is completed, an ongoing service of making sure the selected phrases stay relevant is executed every 3-4 months.

Content optimization is what is done to make sure that Google’s (and Bing’s) latest and greatest formulas are being used to maximize the potential for your website to rank well. What are these formulas you ask? Well if we had the actual text then everyone would rank well. The formula is a well hidden secret from us pheasants. Eh, it’s a challenge to find what is working well and adjusting a strategy to reflect what we “think” is occurring based on educated assumptions.

Linking is just that. Link to and from your site using appropriate text. Links from reputable and recognized sites are one of the best ways to get ranked well.

While we provide every client with basic SEO, a few do need the advanced techniques outlined above. Our Advanced SEO includes much more than just the above, however this was meant as an insight into the top level work done for our Advanced SEO customers.

Yes there is a cost that goes along with Advanced SEO but there’s also a cost in losing customers if you aren’t ranking well. Give graphXevolution, Inc. a call at 570-647-8301 or email us to get a FREE site evaluation.