Google’s Declaring War

On spam that is. No not the yummy, canned meat, the kind so many sites seem to be using their time publishing. Read an article here, but also do a search for “Google war on spam”. This announcement happened over the weekend, so only time will tell who and what will be effected.

NEW Web Redesign!!! Well It Just Makes Scents E-Commerce

Web Redesign and New E-commerce Development

E-Commerce Development and Web Redesign for WIJMSVisit the site:

Welcome to the flameless word of aromatherapy. No soot, no flames, no worry with wonderful results.

Whether you have pets, a smoker, or just enjoy beautiful fragrances around your home, reed diffusers work great. They also work wonderfully for college dorms, where candles and incense are not allowed. These are very clean, no discoloring of wall or ceilings like candles. If you have a vacation place, it is nice to come into the home after months of being closed up to a very nice fragrance. Just flip the reeds and the fragrance will be stronger again. I use no alcohol, like the major brands do. These can last months to over a year depending on the amount of reeds you use.

That’s what WIJMS is all about.

What was our role in the web redesign plan?

By discussing what the old store did not do vs. what the client wanted the new store to do, graphXevolution came up with a web redesign plan that suited the knowledge of our client, but also one that would push the site into the playing arena with it’s competitors. If I do say so myself, I believe this is one of the nicest website’s out there for reed diffusers and supplies.

The process took about 4 months to complete and included the following:

  • Custom website development for the integration of both a static, informational website with the e-commerce development;
  • Custom graphic web design that was developed after we met with the client about his likes and desires;
  • E-commerce development using Pinnacle Cart as the basis of the store;
  • Product and catalog layout;
  • Testing and finally launch.

What to expect from the site?

We’d like to believe that having one of the more accessible and welcoming sites, WIJMS will become a leader in the reed diffuser and supply category.

Do you have an online store that needs E-commerce Development?

If you answered yes, or would just like to discuss a website redesign plan to see if we are the right fit for your company, give graphXevolution a call at 570-647-8301 or send us an email.

Check out other shopping carts we’ve completed or find out more information by visiting our E-commerce Development page.

Google, Inc. & Communist Russia….Huh?

Yes, that title is going to ruffle some feathers I’m sure, but it’s an attention getter, no?

What do Google, Inc. and Communist Russia have in common? Although he did immigrate to the United States with his family early in his life, it doesn’t have anything to do with one of Google’s founders, Sergey Brin.

After watching Bloomberg TV’s show that aired in October 2010, “Game Changers” where Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page were featured, it was reminiscent of the communities that were built inside of the Soviet Union for great minds to live and work (that’s the only correlation).

Who wouldn’t want to work at “Google-esc” company?

I would LOVE to work at Google, Inc. and we hope to one day foster a work environment for employees to live and have fun. If an employee doesn’t enjoy their environment, notice how they just go through the motions. If they are given a tast, they complete it (hopefully correctly), then go home at the end of the day. No enthusiasm, no “ooo ooo, what if we did {______}” to get the juices of your company flowing. It’s only through brainstorming and the freedom to share that makes a company’s employees true partners in its success.

Make your employees say “Oooo, Oooo!”

Google, Inc. takes care of their people. They make sure life is of a quality that would make you crazy to even ponder leaving. Now I’m sure there are former employees that would beg to differ, but I’m sure that the majority of employees will attest to the corporation’s desire to make work-life as comfortable as personal-life.

Wrap Your Business In Chic Apparel

Clothing sales over the past holiday are up over 25% from last year, according to SpendingPulse*. I say when you’re being all spiffy in the new sweater that Aunt Martha got you, take a look at what your website is sporting in terms of the latest fashion.

Most websites built a few years ago don’t have even a fraction of style, and worse, don’t function more than a brochure you can open with your browser. Adding some accessories, just as you would an outfit before going into a big board meeting will give that first impression everyone needs.


Creepy Laptop Sweater Link

Ready For Christmas? (2011)?…WHAT!!??

You might be asking, “Why on earth are you thinking about Christmas already!?” Well the numbers are in and if you want to have a significant e-commerce presence for Christmas 2011 shoppers, you better get moving NOW!

Volusion has posted a historical look into how e-commerce has evolved over the past few years. Here’s what they have to say:

The holiday selling season has always been big for ecommerce, but never have we experienced something quite like this past year. Wondering just how big of a milestone we hit in 2010? For the first time in history, Cyber Monday lived up to its hype, finally overtaking the spot as the busiest selling day of the year. Want to see more about the wild and crazy history that led to this point? Check out this new infographic below.”

E-Commerce Consulting

Graphic courtesy of Volusion, Inc.

So now that you have seen how Cyber Monday has taken hold, don’t you think that you should start thinking about selling online? If you wait too long you’ll be left out in the cold. A great shopping cart involves time and testing to ensure that every component is fool-proof, that all products are featured accordingly, and the you aren’t running around like a crazy person trying to launch a site in October expecting it to make a great impact on your bottom line. Normal turnaround time for an effective shopping cart is 4-6 months, and you should expect at least 2 months of after launch testing to work out any bugs.

graphXevolution offers a fully custom e-commerce solution for all sizes of business. Whether you are selling 1 product or 1 million, there is an ecommerce solution right for you. Give us a call at 570-647-8301 or email us to start the down the road of online sales.

(Graphic and information courtesy of Volusion, Inc., click here to be directed to the page.)