Busy Week Ahead…

We have a  full week ahead with 3 major e-commerce projects running in tandem, two database projects and a handful of static sites. Thank goodness for our staff or else we couldn’t get through it with our sanity in tact. We really are rockin’ and it’s a GREAT thing.

The last few weeks have proved to me how valuable great people working with you can make what we do that more enjoyable…and of course produce a kick-ass product for our customers.

Do you or do you know anyone who needs an edge in e-commerce, a custom database application, or just a beautifully designed website that is custom designed to meet their needs? Drop us a line at 570.647.8301 and we can discuss how easy it is to become part of the graphXevolution client family.

Latest Project! Stewardship PA…Check out the Happy Cow!

Just launched, The Conservation Stewardship Program of PA, http://www.stewardshippa.org. Notice the happy cow?

What is CSP of PA you ask?

The Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) is a completely new kind of program for NRCS. It offers all qualified landowners in Pennsylvania with cropland, pasture or forestland the opportunity to be rewarded through “green payments” for their own conservation initiatives and willingness to take on new conservation measures.

This program is the first of its kind to reward existing stewardship of working agricultural land (including non-industrial private forestland), and to provide financial incentive to take that good work to the next level.

Land owners fulfill their obligation to CSP by enhancing their existing conservation activities or adding additional ones.

Enjoy the Holiday

Boom! Crack! Wow…oooooooo 🙂 We hope that’s what all of our business colleagues do when they experience their websites for the first time, but this time of year is to celebrate our country’s independence. Along with the freedom each one of us experience each day to do what we love to do, take a break for some R&R. That’s an order.

We will be closed from 7/5-7/9 to get caught up on our R&R, and enjoy time with our families. We’ll be back in full force on 7/12.

Have a HAPPY 4th!