Just Announced! graphXevolution ReDoing Hawley Winterfest Website!

graphXevolution, the people responsible for the Downtown Hawley Partnership website will be redoing their sister website Hawley Winterfest. graphXevolution was responsible for the interim website but will be recreating a new look, with tons more functionality including a visitor itinerary module and photo and video gallery.

We are very excited to be working with the organization and know that the new website will propel the event to a new level.

Check out the Downtown Hawley Partnership website here: http://www.visithawleypa.com. If you’re interested in having us visit your site, and seeing how we can propel your web presence to the next level, drop us an email or call 570.647.8301.

Web Design – Per Page Charge!??? Seriously?

After checking out a new web design firm’s website, I found something that appalls me…they CHARGE BY THE PAGE!! Plus, they actually put “publish site to web” in their list of features.

If you’ve commissioned a website design, isn’t it assumed that the developer is going to at least publish the site to the web? Why is it that business after business is being pitched features that either are no-brainers, or include words that you need a PhD. to understand? If you feel like you’re being talked into a used car that “runs great, don’t worry about those 200K miles on her”, get a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th opinion.

BEWARE!!! BEWARE!! BEWARE! of developers saying they will give you “X” but then later tack on a charge for a contact form, stock photography, to resize images, for something as fundamental as including drop-down menus in your navigation. Options, such as these, should be included in a website quote. The initial few hundred dollar investment so boldly advertised, could be inflated into a number that boggles the mind if all the small print isn’t read.

Don’t just agree to a $500 site without talking to the developer about things like:

  • What do you want the site to do?
  • What are your expectations?
  • Who are you selling the site to?
  • Are there any special features you want in the site?
  • How the developer is going to accomplish these things?
  • Is the developer going to be available after the site is launched?
  • How are people going to be able to contact you?
  • What are ALL of the potential costs?

Services like Google Analytics and a complimentary amount of hours of maintenance shouldn’t cost ANYTHING! Certain options like a content management system, custom functionality, e-commerce, and items like these should be extra and outlined in your proposal. But only AFTER a lengthy conversation with the developer. The developer is the expert in web development, should make educated recommendations, and deliver a fair, realistic proposal. Don’t fall for listed items just to bloat an “included features” list.

Understanding that a business is approaching a service professional for their expertise and looking for professional, ethical guidance is something every business should embrace, not just web design.

Start a conversation, not a sales pitch with us for reasonable, effective web development services, info@graphxevolution.com.

The above article is the opinion of the “Diva”…someone who believes only ethical, professional, and honest talk is what will propel a business forward and not be a “flash-in-the-pan” company.