Got A Monkey On Your Back? Or More Specifically Writer’s Block?

We have just completed a simple website for Big Sheep Communications, a professional, creative copywriter owned by Lisa Clark. In addition to website redesign, Lisa elected to have a content management system and article database added to her site’s back end. Lisa will simply a title, the date, and text of an article to a web form, click submit and VOILA, her article will be added to the portfolio page. No formatting required.

Here’s some information about Lisa and Big Sheep Communications

“A former lawyer, Lisa is accomplished in the art of writing persuasively and adept at handling complex subject matter. But don’t panic, unlike some attorneys, her writing flows easily and gracefully, illuminating information with clarity and precision.

Lisa works with a diverse range of business and non-profit clients, from the technical world of IT consultants to the creative world of the entertainment industry, and everything in between. She also serves as Director of Communications for The Oberle Group, a consulting firm devoted to helping organizations create and sustain a culture of excellence.”

NEW Site!!! Telecommunications Consulting…Sounds Ominous Doesn’t It?

If you have a business along with business telephones, you should give Rick Ostroski at Dimensiontel, LLC a call. They needed a site that was modern and would allow the administrator to upload new reports for visitors to receive. The client also did not require a full content managment system, so we set up a simple form that allows him to alter the name of the report and upload a new PDF, as well as export the email addresses of subscribers for future marketing uses.

Here’s a bit about Dimensiontel, LLC

“DimensionTel, LLC is a Pennsylvania firm providing professional telecommunications consulting and support services to businesses and organizations of all sizes. We cover all dimensions of telecommunications consulting from audit analysis and expense management to technical specification generation and project management. With over 19 years of technical and engineering experience in all aspects of telecommunications, we have the knowledge base and resources to provide expert level telecommunications consulting services.”

Listen To A Smooth Talker & Check Out One Of Our Latest E-Commerce Projects

Nelson C. Lauver was in the market to redesign his website and to incorporate e-commerce capabilities within it. We redesigned the entire site and built in a custom e-commerce solution that allows for digital downloads of stories, purchasing of merchandise, and tons of great information about Nelson. Check out the site….

Great Pet Owner Gifts & Our Latest E-Commerce

Hey are you looking for a great gift for your favorite pet owner, or yourself? Check out our latest E-commerce site for Bird Dawg Embroidery. Here’s what they are all about…

“Bird Dawg Embroidery is a custom embroidery shop that specializes in pet designs as well as small business applications.  Our three Brittanys are the reason behind the name Bird Dawg.  We are located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, halfway between Scranton, PA and Binghamton, NY.”

Check them out today….what a great Christmas idea for the pet parent in your life.