You Wanna Fight?

OK, so here I am sitting trying to think about what to write that would be profound enough for our third post on the blog. This topic came to me because I had just finished a tense conversation with someone who I know could tell what my expressions and attitude were just by reading my typed words. Needless to say I was very touchy and shouldn’t have been talking but instead relaxing. You’ll love the call to action at the end.

There have been so many instances where I’ve been told “you sound happy” and the person doesn’t even hear my voice. There have been other instances where I could tell I was being portrayed as unhappy or dare I say, b#@$%? Mostly after a very long day of being pulled in a million directions and wearing way too many hats. The tone of my typed words, the timing of my response, the edgy nature the words convey, all effect how I’m being perceived.

There are many business professionals who are utlizing a mirror when they chat online or on the phone with colleagues or clients. This was suggested to our business by one of our board members because even though you may not be grumpy or unhappy, your tone will reflect the expression on your face…and I believe it does, even in typed words.

I can understand how a written word is sometimes easier to put down on paper than to speak them. I understand that someone may say, well if I write it down I have a chance to see it on paper and edit my response. But on the other hand, if we loose that passion of spontaneous conversation, even confrontational conversation, what does that say about our socialization skills? Conflict isn’t bad, but insults and hostility have no place in my world.

Always remember that words can harm, especially those that are written down….sometimes even more because they can be saved and pondered upon long after they were composed.

So what’s my call to action for tonight? Go to bed, get at least 7 hours sleep and wake up refreshed because tomorrow is a new day and we’re going to start kicking business in the butt!!!!

~ Darlene