Sollenne Homes Website Redesign Launched

Sollenne Homes Website RedesignAfter working with Sollenne Homes of Lake Ariel, PA, a custom home builder, for several years on graphic design and print marketing, we were approached for website redesign of their existing website.

We provided a detailed quotation for not only their website redesign, but also for Advanced Search Engine Optimization. The project began early in December 2011 and today we have officially launched the brand spankin’ new Sollenne Homes website. Complete with a photo gallery that the client will be able to manage, contact forms and custom design and programming, the new website will provide Sollenne Homes, and their customers with years of satifsfaction.

What did we do?

When we look at an existing website for redesign and SEO, we always review the code that the existing site was built upon. Most cases if the site is more than a few years old, the code will be obsolete and new standards should be implimented. This was the case with Sollenne Homes. Below are the following steps we took to ensure the new site was web compliant and expandable:

  • Reworked the code for faster loading;
  • Reworked the entire meta system and content to be search engine friendly;
  • Redesigned the site to appeal to a broad audience;
  • Ensure that the site was cross-browser compatible

After launch we have been completing our SEO work and anticipate a significant increase in rankings of the next few weeks and months for relevant searched.

Sollenne Homes Custom Home Builder

SEO How Fast For Results? just read a great post on Search Engine Journal by Nick Stamoulis, who was writing about how a new client was saying they were burned by an SEO firm yet couldn’t find any evidence of any black hat SEO. Black Hat SEO is the practice of trying to “doop” the search engines by using techniques that are violations of the engine’s policies, often resulting in penalties.

Read the SEO article to see what a trusted SEOer has to say about recognizing success in an SEO campaign. Here are my favorite quotes from the post:

“One thing I constantly stress with my clients is that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. If they need to see results right away they will be sorely disappointed. While I understand how frustrating it can be, patience is definitely a virtue in the world of SEO.”

We have several SEO clients and the majority of them understand the you win at SEO by being steady, not speedy.

If you have a website that you feel needs SEO evaluation, give our SEO experts a shout and we’ll give you our honest recommendations on how to improve your rankings, and visibility.

Need Facebook Inspiration?

Facebook Internet Marketing StrategyThe developers at Social Bakers publish a list of the top Facebook Brands. If you need some inspiration on how to effectively market your Facebook page, check out this listing. You
can sort it by country and select the timeframe. Interesting that Xbox and Taco Bell are at the top of the list for the United States. Alot of stinky teenagers out there 😉 Just kidding. 🙂 Use
this listing to gain an insight into what these brands are doing to engage their potential fans and what they are doing to keep them interested.