Unorthodox Web Design

Unorthodox website design…what!? How many studios have you called to only get their sales pitch of how “we have these custom website packages to meet our client’s needs”? Seriously, “custom website package” should mean only what you need or want, not what the design studio wants to sell you to make a handsome profit on features you’ll never use.

Your web developer should listen to you and what you need. Only recommend what they think would work for your company and let you decide. Ask your developer to give you options or to break the project into phases. This way you can decide for yourself what’s the best road to take.

graphXevolution will have a conversation with you, not sell you, and after the conversation we’ll put together options. That doesn’t mean we’ll say you can get by with a 5-page static site alone, it means we’ll give you advanced options, a lower-end option and everything in between. If you tell us “hey that sounds awesome but we can’t do it all now,” we’ll work with you.

Yes, we’re in business to make money, feed our children and have a warm place to program in, but we’re not in business to rip off our customers.

Our form of unorthodox website design consists of actually caring about your project, being as passionate about it as you and delivering a product we’d be proud to put our name on.

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