Video Advertising, Not Just a Fad Any Longer

Check out this article about video advertising. If you need help in that arena, check out our colleague Frank Deom at Reasonable prices and awesome service.

FREE DESIGN!! Send us your link!

What did you say!? A FREE design? Yes, just send us a link to your current website and we’ll in turn send you a FREE design concept that will include all sorts of cool new ideas that will make your site STICKY to visitors. Yes, looks are important, but you have to also make sure that it functions well. If it hangs up, takes forever to download, or doesn’t do what it promises then you lost a customer.

So seriously, send us your current web address. In a few short days we’ll send you a quotation of the costs associated with redesigning your site and of course your FREE design.

You have nothing to lose, and LOTS of customer needs to fulfill.

Email your URL to:

You are under no obligation to purchase the design or web development, however if you do not purchase the design remains the property of graphXevolution and cannot be used by another company unless purchased.

Redesign or ReALIGN!!! You need your customers

Check out our new endeavor, as well as Both sites have been created and feed off of the other to provide clients and potential customers a way of sifting through the sea of offers and promises to a better website and ROI.

Our primary goal is to educate you, the consumer, our customer (and our need) in all things Web Redesign related. Recently, we posted a story about dreaded templates. We will be creating series that we’ll post about every week. Mostly our posts will be hot and heavy on Fridays, that way you can take the information away with you during your restful weekend, and maybe have an “ah-ha” moment.

Have questions, or want to know how we’d redesign (REALIGN) your website with the needs of your customers? Call us today at 570-647-8301 or send us an email.