“Like” on Facebook, See on Bing

Design by Double-J DesignsHere’s the latest blurb from Bing:

“Bing knows that decisions matter. And now your friends can help you make better decisions on Bing. Did you know you can see their Facebook likes right in Bing? If you’re not already logged into Facebook, log in now for a more social search experience—with a little help from your friends.”

Check out the “Bing Likes Facebook” page.

Google is still my tried and true, go-to search engine when I need to do a search, but you cannot deny Bing is moving on up. With our search engine clients, we’ve begun to focus a bit more on the Bing side of things and ween out the Yahoo results (since we know they are dying). Google remains, for the forseen future, the top dog in searching, so of course a large majority of efforts are focused on pushing up a site’s organic ranking in Google.

What does this mean? Well, unless you turn off social search in your browser, you’re going to see more and more results for your searches in Bing based on your friends likes.

eBooks Outsell Print Books on Amazon

Read the story about the tragedy (to some) how eBooks Outsell Print Books on Amazon.Thanks to http://www.icons-land.com for the icon

This is a sad day, but I will say that I do purchase quite a few Kindle books to use on my iPad. That does NOT mean in any way that I don’t still enjoy opening up a brand new book.

Ahhh to hear the cracking open of a new cover, freshly printed pages, the smell of the ink 🙂 However, I live over an hour away from the closest book store (since they closed Borders 45 minutes away). The lengthy drive can be a deterrent for me when my gas costs $4.22/gal and when I find a great title online I MUST have NOW! Since I do most of my “surfing” in the evening, and rarely am near a book store, eBook downloads are a matter of convenience and paper saving to me. I know it’s a huge downfall for publishers and manufacturers but saving paper, money and convenience is in my personal interest as apparently by the statistics, many other readers.

Is there an answer to the industries who count on physical books? I don’t know. I do wish I had one and really have thought about it since we have a manufacturer as one of our clients. Offer exclusivity to print only publications? Incentives to authors to hold off on allowing their books to be electronically published? Any thoughts?

When Like Turns Into Ignore

Facebook Likes and LikesterToday, while scouring the web for interesting tidbits, I found a post about Likester on WebProNews and thought, ‘Hmm, what’s this’. So, I went to Likester.com and it asked for permission to access my Facebook info. After a few seconds, a listing of all my Likes appeared with a number of how many of my friends Like what I do, and how many millions of other Facebook users do as well.

So, either I’m a smart cookie about what I like since many of these things have a large number of worldwide “Likesters” or I really do need to get a life. Although, I do wonder how many people are like me (hehe) and only click “Like” because it’s in your face on a website or friend’s Wall?

I “Like” (actually Love) the app Angry Birds, as do over 2 million other Facebookers, but also know I block these apps after receiving a bazillion notifications. It doesn’t mean I don’t play the game any longer, it just means I don’t need my Wall filled with notifications from Birds wanting to kill Piggies. I also like many other people and places, but after having well over a dozen daily posts from each that pushed my actual friends posts off my Wall, I blocked them.

Likester is touted at “The Global Popularity Engine”, but I’m not sure that I want to be known as popular if I only am liked for a few minutes, hours, or days and then blocked due to being annoying or worse irrelevant.

Here’s a video from the founder of Likester if you’re interested:

We Haven’t Been Sleeping

http://managementhelp.org/blogs/spirituality/files/sleep-dog2.jpgSo it’s been a while since our last posting, you’d think we’ve been sleeping on the job. Not at all, actually the contrary. We’ve been up until the wee hours of the morning over the last few weeks. Oh really you say? We’ve been busy finding new ways to help our customers, creating the latest and greatest in services, working diligently on several new projects, and opening our new office. Read more below….

The Latest and Greatest

Through new ways of programming and learning more and more about the ever-changing world of SEO, new and more efficient processes have been put in place for more effective development, including:

  • The ability to add modules to websites quickly;
  • Optimizing SEO via a quick edit of just one file;
  • Programming the cleanest and sweetest code ever;
  • Adding CMS to EVERY site we book for FREE!!!

New Projects

Over the past few weeks and months we’ve been booked by several companies to be their dedicated web developers, including:

DeltaMedix, PC

Located in Scranton, PA for Website Development, Maintenance and Search Engine Optimization;

Davis R. Chant Realtors (Lake Wallenpaupack Office)

Located in Hawley, PA for Micro-Site Development for a whole new way to locate your next home. This project is the gateway into several other projects;

Heritage Sign & Display

Located in Nesquehoning, PA for Logo Design, Facebook Integration, Website Development and Search Engine Optimization;

The Kitchen and Bath Showroom

Located in Hawley, PA for Website Redesign and Development. Their site was launched early in May 2011, check it out here.

Airdustrial Mini Storage

Located in Olympia, WA for Website Redesign and Development and Search Engine Optimization;

PA Hutchison Book Manufacturers

Located in Mayfield, PA for Website Redesign and Development;

The Forever Moments

Located in Lake Ariel, PA for E-Commerce Development, Website Development and Database Development;

Other Web Development Work

  • Action Plumbing Search Engine Optimization;
  • The American Storyteller Website Development;
  • Capital Region RC&D Database Development;
  • Downtown Hawley Partnership Membership Area and Website Enhancements;

Our New Office

Yep, we’ve opened a brand new office. Located at 301 Broadway in Bethlehem, PA, our facilities offer a great location to meet with our clients and to collaborate easily with key staff for faster turn around of projects.

We’re All Ears…

http://www.simswyeth.com/20090611-communication-skills/We want to know what drives our customers, and potential customers when it comes to making the decision about hiring a web developer.

Many people have told us that they’ve been burned before, had a developer talk to them in high-tech terms that ultimately confuses and annoys them, it’s too expensive, or a ton of other reasons. We want to know what you think.

If one of the answers we’ve provided doesn’t fit your situation, enter your own. We really are all ears.