PA Hutchison Book Manufacturer Website Redesign

PA Hutchison Book Manufacturer Website RedesignLaunched early in August 2011, the PA Hutchison Book Manufacturing company’ website is a combination of editable content, dynamic information and relevant information PA Hutchison’s customers were looking for. Before the website redesign, the website lacked important information about services offered by PA Hutchison, but now offers customers a way to learn about services and even submit online quotation requests.

Take a peak at the new PA Hutchison website and let us know what you think. If you have a website that could benefit from website redesign, give us a shout and we’ll work with you and your team to create a site that reflects your company’s personality and delivers what your customers need.

Facebook Customization Yes We Do!

Facebook Tab Customization by graphXevolutionWe’ve entered the realm of Facebook customization for Fan pages with GREAT success! We’ve just completed The Delaware Highlands Conservancy fan page, Karl Wanger for 2011 Commissioner fan page and The Steve Roesler Group’s fan page. Of course we have our own Welcome page (fan page) and would love to create an awesome looking way to interact with Facebook users to your brand. We say it over and over. Consistency is the building of a brand, why not get all of your marketing efforts in line?

Drop us a line to have a chat! PHONE: 610-625-2272 | EMAIL US

Here’s some additional information from HubSpot on ways to utilize Facebook Pages.

Free Web Design?

I should have added “Good” at the beginning of that.

While there are many free options out there to get a website up and running, are they really “good” options? If you’re in the business of selling flowers, you may not be the best choice to develop a beautiful website that can entice visitors to call you for their special occasions. We certainly aren’t experts in floral arrangements, and would never try to pass ourselves off as such.

We certainly don’t believe that a simple, static website should cost thousands of dollars, but do believe that a professional web design, that functions exactly as you’d expect, should be reasonably priced.

Free to every client is our knowledge and experience of over 10 years in the web development field.

  • We give many features and options with every website we do.
  • We believe in giving added value to every one of our clients.
  • Be prepared for a fair price and excellent quality.

You certainly wouldn’t expect us to ask your band to play for free, or to charge the price for three insured cars as you would one. Quality work requires talent, knowledge, and time. It’s a matter of finding a web design agency you are comfortable with, and one that isn’t trying to sell more than needed.

Supreme Zipper Signs gXe For Website Development

Supreme Zipper of Lakeville, PA and New York City, NY has signed graphXevolution on as their official website developers.


Initial work will include an information website that will educate retail and wholesale customers alike on the uses, function and countless configurations of zippers. During the informational build up, further development in the areas of CRM, e-Commerce and marketing will be designed and implemented.

Stay tuned for the first peeks of the design. Site launch is set for mid-December 2009.