What Our Latest Project & A Famous Driver Have In Common

Sunshine Designs Website by gXe a WebDesign CompanyTake a peek at our most recent website redesign launch…Sunshine Designs, Inc. They are a premiere log home builder who is in the process of completing Tony Stewart’s cozy little home in Indiana.

A simple website, yet very elegant. It shows off the impressive work by Patrick Thomas and his team. Read about how each home is built, how materials are selected, and view a large selection of the homes that have been completed.

Sunshine Designs Custom Log Homes

We are in the final stages of completing Sunshine Designs, Inc.’s website, a custom log home builder whose clients include elite home owners. Check out the site to see if you recognize anyone in the first gallery. Wink, wink…he goes fast and turns left every week.

It’s Alive! It’s Alive: Our New Site Is Alive!

Over the last 3 months we have been toiling during all of our free time to redo our website. Check it out…http://www.graphxevolution.com

20th Century Fox Movie Poster

What better customer than ourselves to give 110% when designing a great marketing tool and consumer educational tool?

We pulled out all the stops with customization, adding social media tools, updating our portfolio to be easier to read, and most importantly provided information on topics such as our first e-Book titled “Us vs. Them”, an fun look at why we stand out among our competitors and what a consumer should look for.

We’ve created several case studies on lean manufacturing applications we’ve completed. Also created, and one of the most helpful things we’ve created for customers is a Web Design Process list. We wanted to allow customers to see what really goes into a website, hoping to educate them. It’s not a novel but an overview explanation of the steps we take in developing a website.

Stay tuned for lots of exciting things to come, like continuing consumer education and new projects. We hope you subscribe to our blog ~ Thanks! Darlene