Chosen For Universal Publishing Web Development

Website Development Design ConceptThank you to Universal Publishing for choosing gXe as their official web design and e-commerce development agency. In the coming months, a new website design for Universal Publishing, located in northeastern Pennsylvania who is in the business of producing educational materials, will be completed.

Utilizing a FABULOUS E-commerce solution and Web Development platform in one, Universal Publishing will have a state-of-the-art website that allows top level customer service, marketing and Web 2.0 semantics.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the web development.

RIP IE6…If you still use Internet Explorer 6, PLEASE Switch!

As responsible Web Developers who provide our clients with the best web design services, cutting edge applications and web development that is accessible by everyone, we always test our sites in IE6 (Internet Explorer 6).

Do we like it? Not one bit! Do we need too? Yes unfortunately we do. However, if you still use IE6 we can tell you that a good majority of sites on the internet, the really good ones, are never done any justice being displayed in IE6.

They don’t look nice, they are choppy and never look the way a designer intended…unless it’s a solid background and uses minimal imagery. There have been dozens of times when a client says, “um, eww” and we have no idea what they are talking about, until we ask “what browser are you looking in?”.

So, below is a link to a site, giving IE6 a respectful, but non-tearful goodbye.

If you are still using IE6, we ask you to switch to either IE7 or 8, or Firefox or Safari. You haven’t seen the web until you’ve broken free of IE6.

IE6 Bugs, Problems, Fixes, Solutions, Tips & Tricks, Hints? NO MORE! .:.

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Social Media Eye Tracking Study – Website Magazine – Website Magazine

If you ever wondered about those ads you see on the right side of Facebook, check this out. I am a HUGE proponent of not using AdWords unless you absolutely have to. I am a HUGE Fan of organic search results and know that most people don’t really trust the right side or sponsored links on search engines.

HOWEVER…the ads on Facebook even catch my eye and this article show I’m not the only one.

Social Media Eye Tracking Study – Website Magazine – Website Magazine

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Chosen by Minella Pools for Web Services & IT Work

Minella Pools, Inc. located in Old Forge, PA has chosen gXe to re-develop their site as well as provide SEO and IT services.

With Minella Pools added to our client base, graphXevolution can proudly say we provide web design services and development for over 60 of the area’s businesses.

Stay tuned for more exciting news regarding new and upcoming projects.

Even Small Business Needs Big Web Design

Take a look into our web design portfolio and you will notice that we work not only with big and medium size businesses, providing web development they need to get ahead, but we also work with small business. In today’s market/economy/whirlwind, every business deserves to be given a boost in their online marketing efforts.

Not only are we working on web development projects for companies such as AMSkier, Minerals Technologies and the like, but also working hard on the web design of smaller companies such as Valley Water Services, Action Plumbing and Rubber Duckie Boat Rentals.

You may think web design services are out of your budget, but if your web development team listens closely, they will be able to assess your needs, develop a proposal that fits your budget and recommend a web design plan that incorporates phases for cost effectiveness.

If you’ve been seriously thinking that you need online marketing, or a web redesign, drop us a line to discuss your needs. You won’t be disappointed!

gXe Chosen by A.M.Skier for Web Design Services

AMSkier InsuranceRecently, graphXevolution completed The Downtown Hawley Partnership website project. Working closely with one of the board members, Aimee Skier allowed us to prove ourselves to the Skier family. When ready to redesign and develop the AMSkier Insurance website, graphXevolution was approached and ultimately chosen to provide web design services to AMSkier.

A full redesign that will show off the “not so ordinary, but extraordinary” insurance company and allow for AMSkier to update their site and include several dynamic features.

Stay tuned for updates in our portfolio as the design and site evolve.

Have a Happy 4th of July!

In honor of Independence Day we will be closed on Friday, July 3rd but will return, hard at work on the 6th.

How’s this for cheesy? Set your website free on this Independence Day and have it redesigned to include a Content Management System so you can declare your independence from having to wait for a website designer to make edits.

Sorry, that was really lame, but we do offer great rates and outstanding functionality that really will let you make edits to your site anytime, even at 2am in your bunny slippers.