Need Facebook Inspiration?

Facebook Internet Marketing StrategyThe developers at Social Bakers publish a list of the top Facebook Brands. If you need some inspiration on how to effectively market your Facebook page, check out this listing. You
can sort it by country and select the timeframe. Interesting that Xbox and Taco Bell are at the top of the list for the United States. Alot of stinky teenagers out there 😉 Just kidding. 🙂 Use
this listing to gain an insight into what these brands are doing to engage their potential fans and what they are doing to keep them interested.

We CAN make you as big as Walmart!

How is that for an opening line?

The internet is a beautiful medium; it is arguably the most influential invention since the television.  As it grows we can expect it to surpass the “baby (teenage.. parent.. grand parent..) sitter in a box”.  Offering “web ready” features on new models means even our TV’s have accepted second place to the web.    So what is one of the best facts about the internet?  It levels the playing field between business giants and “Main Street America”.

What does a person see when they visit your website?  It is a statistically proven fact that you have less the 10 seconds to capture the attention of your audience before they move on to your competitors.  This is why it is vital that you in-list the services of a professional web developer.. Not your friends, nephew who used FrontPage to complete a homework assignment.. Not a “Do it yourself” book..  A web development company that has extensive experience and an understanding of how to capture your audience’s attention quickly.  With a properly developed site, there is no way of knowing if you are a 3 person crew or a 100,000 strong or if you have a 100 sq. foot storefront or isle upon isle of product.  It boils down to the look, feel, and functionality of your site as well as how it portrays you as a business.

I am blown away by the thousands of dollars people spend on yellow page ads, that they themselves never use anymore.  Google receives over 10 BILLION searches a month.. Yet thousands upon thousands of hard earned dollars are wasted in phone book adds, the national average for a ½ page ad is over $15,000 a year!  How many times did you open your yellow pages last month?  To order a pizza??  Why bother.. “there’s an app for that!” (which by the way is internet driven..)

Stop throwing your money away and use it where there is the most value – in a FULL, MULTIPLE PAGE web site.

Contact graphXevolution today about your web design.  We can provide you with a web presence that not only sets you apart from your competition but propels you into the new age.. The internet age..

Get Out Of The Box!

“What on earth are you talking about woman…”

I get that often but would rather have people look at me funny because I’ve said something to make them go “hmm”  rather than ignore me because they don’t think I have anything to say.

Many times I’ll interject humor into my conversations with clients just at the right time (in the proper context) to not only lighten the conversation, but in doing so ease their minds, allowing them to feel comfortable with me. More often than not I’ll have a client say right after a humorous exchange, “I know this is a stupid question…” and my response is 100% of the time, “The only stupid question is the one not asked.” My lightheartedness opens a door for them to be educated…be empowered.

Again and again we’re told to think outside of the box. Well I don’t believe I’ve ever been inside of the box, at least not a rigid, geometrical sort. Not with how I dress, how I express myself, nothing…so my motto is now…

“Forget thinking outside the box, get on that damn thing and shout to the world!!!”

Especially in today’s uneasy atmosphere where we aren’t sure what’s up or down, you need to make you and your passion the most memorable thing a potential customer hears or sees. That doesn’t mean to scream at them like a 2am infomercial (nothing wrong with it, if that’s what you do); and it certainly doesn’t mean to spam customers or annoy them with flashy doo-hickies all over media. It simply means to give a consistent reminder that:

  • you do what you do better than most;
  • have a passion for what you do;
  • and will make your customer’s lives either easier or enriched by this passion.

Remember the 9 dot puzzle? Here it is, thinking outside the box is the only way to connect all 9 dots without ever letting your pencil leave the paper.

Here’s one of the answers. Don’t worry I didn’t get it either…so much for my crazy radical thinking 🙂

We all have a passion, what’s yours?