Star Trek & Website Design (Maybe a little Red Wine too)

OK, so it’s Saturday and as is a norm on a cold winter’s day in Northeastern PA, we are watching a movie, and staying warm with a bit of red wine. Star Trek is the choice for today, later maybe All About Steve, which may lend itself to a more humorous post, but I digress.

What do Star Trek and Website Design have in common? Both intrigue those who do not understand its technology, and both compel people to be as integrated into their respective technologies as possible.

While Star Trek is only a movie (sorry to all those “Trekkies” out there), website development is in the here and now…and every business should be involved (no Transporter required).

This week we will talk about all the reasons EVERY business should have web presence:

– Educate potential customers;

– Generate Sales;


Ok those are the most obvious reasons for most businesses to say they want a website. But let’s delve into it further. Read this GREAT article from Entrepreneur Magazine for the most commonly asked questions and reasons why every business should have a website. Seriously, if you are unsure, read it at length, I couldn’t say it any better.

So if you are considering to have Scotty beam you up into the very important realm of Website Design, he may not be able to help you. But if you want to have a conversation with a technologically advanced, but down-to-earth web design company, then give us a call. I can’t say that we can help you with identifying what Star Trek or Avatar technology may come into existence in the future, but I will say that things like the newly announced Apple iPad, and MANY advancements in website development are propelling us into a new age of delivering exactly what a customer wants.

(Although I really do wish I had a “Photon Torpedo” in my arsenal, that would just be cool)

NEW! E-Commerce Project :: Bird Dawg Embroidery

Our latest e-commerce website development project will be for Bird Dawg embroidery, a custom embroidery shop specializing in canine embroidery.

Bird Dawg Embroidery Custom Webpage Design Concept

Bird Dawg Embroidery Custom Webpage Design Concept

The website will include a full shopping cart for customers to order off-the-shelf items and a breed library featuring the endless designs offered by Bird Dawg. Initially, a custom quote form for customers to submit custom specifications will be available and in the future the potential to include an interactive custom quotation system will be included.

Check out the initial design to the right and stay tuned for the final project, scheduled to launch Spring 2010.

Chosen for Rent-A-Chef International Custom Web Development

Our latest client is Rent-A-Chef International, Ltd.  We will be redeveloping their website to include custom graphics, content, multimedia capabilities and make the site much more interactive.

Custom Web Design

Initial Design Concept for RIC, Ltd.

RCI has been providing hospitality consulting to companies looking to streamline their processes. In addition to these services, RCI enlists the talents of superb chefs around the country to provide dinner delivery through Dinners Tonightâ„¢. They also offer a fine selection of cookie arrangements to send as gifts.

Check out the initial concept to the right, as well as their existing site which we will transform using our

custom web development, magical skills. We have also been enlisted by RIC to develop their branding.

Stay tuned for the final product, due out early this Spring.

It’s Alive! It’s Alive: Our New Site Is Alive!

Over the last 3 months we have been toiling during all of our free time to redo our website. Check it out…

20th Century Fox Movie Poster

What better customer than ourselves to give 110% when designing a great marketing tool and consumer educational tool?

We pulled out all the stops with customization, adding social media tools, updating our portfolio to be easier to read, and most importantly provided information on topics such as our first e-Book titled “Us vs. Them”, an fun look at why we stand out among our competitors and what a consumer should look for.

We’ve created several case studies on lean manufacturing applications we’ve completed. Also created, and one of the most helpful things we’ve created for customers is a Web Design Process list. We wanted to allow customers to see what really goes into a website, hoping to educate them. It’s not a novel but an overview explanation of the steps we take in developing a website.

Stay tuned for lots of exciting things to come, like continuing consumer education and new projects. We hope you subscribe to our blog ~ Thanks! Darlene